3 Things To Do To Make Your Twitter Efficient

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1. Following Other People

A great way to efficiently keep yourself up-to-date with current events that are happening in the industry that you are in and connecting to significant people is by using Twitter lists. Most often than not, someone who’s in the same industry as you are has already created his own list of people which he follows, therefore, you wouldn’t need to remake the wheel.

To search or look for other people’s lists that they follow (by topic), you can use Listorious. For example, if you’re a retail merchant, you can use Listorious to find tweeters that are fashionable that you can follow by searching for “fashion”. When you get a good list that you want, you can now follow this list and even more, set-up a running search or column in your social media tool that monitors this particular list’s feeds allowing you not to miss any tweets that come from this list. If you have time, go back to the list that you selected and start following the top-most people in the list so that you can start building connections or relationships with these people.

2. Organize With Microlists

In a short span of time, you’d find yourself following hundreds of people and soon you’ll find that your feeds will start to sound like a noise rather than productive conversations which in turn will make you miss tweets from significant trend setters most especially if you are too busy to check your Twitter more than a couple of times a day.

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One thing that you can do to avoid missing out on important tweets and eliminate the noise is by creating microlists containing only the significant people that you need or want to follow. For instance, what I do is I place the list of analysts, media and key people that are very vital to my clients, running in the middle or center area or column on the dashboard of my social network media which allows me to keep myself updated on what they are tweeting about. Next, I create various lists of the current people that I follow and then add on the new people that I follow into the appropriate lists. Now, I can see all my lists in different columns which allow me to do a quick run-through of their tweets. For me, I suggest to have a list contain a maximum of only 50 tweeters so that it can be easily managed.

3. Automating Your Routine Processes

Twitter is such a great tool in making direct connections and conversations with your consumers but there are some activities that you can automate. Take for example, SocialOomph, a tool that you can use to send out an automated “Thank You” message for new followers. Another useful tool is Ping.fm which allows you to update or post your status on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and a lot more of your other sites at the same times with just one entry and from just one place.

Another thing that you can do so that you can insert tweeting within your schedule is to create tweets in one bulk and then schedule these tweets on a specific time that you want it to go out. To do this, you can use various tools like Hootsuite, Twaitter and Tweetdeck, all of which are readily available. Since most people only go through their Twitter from time to time during the entire day, you can have the same tweets scheduled to be posted in the next couple of days without the same people having to see the exact same tweet.

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