Android Games that Demand Attention

Some people will argue that the iOS mobile devices are better for gaming than the Android. The truth is that it honestly depends on the type of game play that interests you. It is true that some games will hit the iOS first before they hit the Android market, but the opposite is true too. You do not have to wait for everything on the Android for they have their very own games that come to the Android first, and maybe hit the iOS later.

Below is a list of some of the most attention grabbing Android games that are currently available to download.

This has not been seen on a lot of lists, but the truth is that this game has some pretty impressive graphics. The main setback that this game had was that you were limited to single player mode on the game play. That is no longer the case. It now has a multiplayer function that may just launch this game to challenge some of the top FPS that is currently available on the market. The developer is still working out the kinks, but when everything is said and done this is quite the impressive game.

This is a 5 of 5 character player battle. It was originally establish as an online RPG, but has been adapted in order to work better with the Android devices and offer a more challenging game play. It is now an action game where your job is to work with your other character allies in order to defeat the enemy and defend your homeland.

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Rovio used the success of their wildly famous Angry Birds and created a spin-off called Bad Piggies. The goal of the game is to build some kind of contraption that can take your piggie from the starting line to the map at the finish line. It grabs the attention of all of those players that are obsessed with their Angry Birds games, but it holds their attention by being entertaining and challenging. It is free to download the basic version through the Google Play store, so it does not hurt to test it out.

Talk about a different but incredibly entertaining concept. You have a team of Nuns that you build in order to battle evil, and no, this is not a joke. Your Nuns will take on the demonic creatures and send them back to where they came from. The concept is crazy in itself, but the game play is even more entertaining. The idea that your character is a Nun and you are going into combat in order to defeat evil is quite the storyline for a game.

Dead Trigger plays on the attention of the zombie loving fanatics that are out there. It has great graphics and it quite the entertaining FPS game. You blast your way through the levels taking out zombies and collecting money along the way in order to upgrade your equipment. The downside to the game is that while there are a lot of weapon and equipment upgrades available only about half of them can be purchased with the money that you earn in your game play. The other half will have to be purchased with bought gold that can only acquire with real world money

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Each of the Android games grabs our attention for a different reason. Not all games are especially graphic and packed full of action. Some just offer challenging game play and have a great storyline

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