Are You Looking To Reinvent Your Dealership With An Automotive Crm System?

So for the past 15 years you have been managing your inventory through paper and pen, and for the last 2 years you have moved to an Excel spread sheet to do the same job. Now you are ready for a full blown CRM solution that can update your inventory instantaneously to your website, and get instant traffic and sales calls. But you are not sure which CRM solution to go with? If you have thought about this transition, you have probably realized you have out grown your spread sheet. Now you are ready for more, more than just recording the year, make and model of your inventory, more than just selling price and how many days this car has been in stock. Generally speaking if you have more than 3 sales people employed for your company, you should have some kind of customer relationship management software specifically build for the automotive industry to help you run your business. Why? Because you can track their sales performances, inventory turn over ratio, tracking 1-800 phone calls, and above all effectively manage your inventory that is tightly integrated with your web site.

After been in the automotive industry for the past 8 years I have encountered many so called total CRM solution for your dealership. They usually consists of some poorly developed web site or portal where all of your transactions are based on the page refresh, and it is surprising even with these CRM solutions in place a dealership still relies on the old spread sheet to keep their inventory up to date. What that translates to me is inadequate system support where used car manager still feels the need to have their “holy bible” of used car inventory separately from their CRM system. And the CRM system is incapable of producing a real live inventory that can be accurately captured and delivered to the sales floor. If you are currently running on a system where you need to rely on external source to keep your inventories up to date then you are certainly using the wrong CRM software.

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Many of today’s CRM solutions are proprietary technology where they refuse to integrate or work with other systems. For example does your CRM solution export your inventory with ease to Microsoft Excel if that is your preferred method of reproducing your inventory list? Can your currently CRM solution export your sales performance report to a spread sheet so it can be easily emailed to your superior? In another word when you finally settle on the right CRM solution for your dealership, make sure it is flexible and compatible with other existing technologies. Because after all your CRM solutions suppose to help you run your business more effectively not to create more technological obstacles in your path.

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