Become A Song Writer

Starting A Song Writing Business

Read About Become A Songwriter This kind of business is something that forms from a passion or hobby, the love for creating music. But creating great lyrics for songs does not require you to have a great voice or even the skill in playing instruments. This business can be fueled by your desire and hard work. It only takes great practice, inspiration and the love to write songs to make a break and get you to earn money in this kind of business. There are also times in your life that you want to stop earning for a living, make a change of careers and earn for pleasure and satisfaction. This business offers the satisfaction and pleasure you seek, if you have the love for songwriting and at the same time get you to earn money.

What You Need To Be A Song Writer

You would not need any special skills in singing and playing musical instruments to excel in this business, but having some background in music and knowledge of melody could give you and edge and make writing songs easier. Before getting started into this business, it’s a better idea to have a day job or another source of income while you are starting this business out, in a way that you would not be pressured to make money right away, making song writing more comfortable without you thinking about making money right away.

Write your ideas, keep in handy a notepad and pen this way you can write ideas that pop up your head anytime. You would never know when inspiration might strike and you always have to be ready to document your ideas anytime, go back to them when you have time and expand on these ideas. Learning to write constantly would help you in making your ideas flow more smoothly; keeping a journal would be good practice for starters. Acquiring education is also a great start if you plan in going into this business, though its really required to get you started, formal education would boost your chances with fundamentals of the craft and business of songwriting. Practicing poetry is also a good mode to exercise your skills, reading and making your own poetry would simply sharpen your skills in rhyming words and making your songwriting skills flow with more substance.

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Make your first samples and send them to recording companies, send a cover letter with your pieces and try to present your songs in a block like poem. Limit your submissions to about 1 or 2, they would certainly be interested for more if they are satisfied. Make sure you copyright your songs and send copyright and authorship information with your submissions.

Growing Your Song Writing Business Over Time

Start A Song Writing Business When you have gotten the ball rolling and got accepted and have been paid for your first writing projects, make your business grow and start expanding. Marketing and advertising is one of the essentials in making a business grow. Exhaust all means to e known to your target market and the services that you offer. Its through advertising that you would gain popularity and the music you make, remember that as long as your songs are still not considered a hit you need advertising to keep your business going and acquire clients.

Refine your work, browse you accumulated ideas in your journal and try to expand them, explore possibilities with your ideas and don’t censor your own work, carefully choose ideas that cater to the masses, choose ideas and pieces that have emotion that listeners could relate to, touching listeners emotion is simply the key to a hit song. Listening to other songs could e a good exercise in your writing skills, it might spark your inspiration and even get more ideas fro them but remember to innovate and never copy. You could also consider attending seminars, reading books about song writing and even formal literature, a consultant may also be a good option to share thoughts with, learning more about the craft and business of songwriting, great help could come in the form of associations, they could give you valuable advice on protecting and selling your work.

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