Best features of the Samsung Android phones

The new Samsung Android phones are now with the new feature of “Ticker Display” . This ticker display will turn off by itself in order to save the life of the battery when the phone is not in use. But the phone can be activated by touching “Grip Sensor” which is located on bottom side of the Android phone. The ticker can display updates from the social networks, weather information, e-mail, instant messages, music playback functions and much more. Some of the other features includes in the new Samsung Android phone are 5 – megapixel camera, 1 GHZ processor, 8 GB micro SD card and this card can also be swapped out with the care up to the size of 32 GB and Android 2.1 operating system.

The Samsung Android Phone Reviews states about the demand for the new arrival of Android phones and the insurance companies coming out with the apps for Android. The new insurance companies are more looking forward for the introduction of apps in order to well position themselves for the future. Also many new additions to the family of Android have also been announced with the continuous gain in the market share over many other popular phones like RIM’s Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone. The new handset of Android phone has the most impressive feature of 3D screen which brings 3D content and films to the users of Smartphone around the world. This phone has grabbed the attention of the fans of latest technology.

The new Android Phones also offer many other highlighting features like: smart virtual keyboard, customization of home screen with widgets, Live folders to view the data quickly, video sharing and recording, Picasa image uploading, standards- compliant and faster browser, voice search, snappier overall performance, stereo Bluetooth and hands free calls. This new model of Android phone is ultimately a nice phone to have as it checks and repairs automatically the file system on the SD cards. It also allows the third party apps for indicating to the Android system. When the app is being downloaded from Android Market, Android will check for the requirements and allows installing only if the hardware that is required is present. This becomes the most important feature when many Android devices that are based on different hardware starts hitting the market. The features like virtual keyboard and mobile web browser of Android phones are catch-up of iPhones.

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