How Much Time Does it Take for a Wine to Breathe?

Now this is an interesting question and it has a fascinating answer – or rather several answers. You see, it all depends on what you intend to do with the bottle of wine. If you were to ask ‘how much time does it take for a wine to breathe’ and you were intending to uncork the bottle and just leave it for a while, your answer would be ‘a very long time indeed’! In fact the chances are that the wine would go off before it ever got a chance to breathe. This is because very little air is going to get inside the bottle – and even then it will only come into contact with the very top of the liquid itself.

But there are other better ways to allow the wine to breathe, so let’s explore those now.

How about decanting it?

Yes this will work and it is certainly a better way of letting your wine breathe. You should decant the wine into a decanter and leave it for a while before drinking it. You can leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes and you will be able to notice a marked difference in just this small period of time.

Alternatively if you do not have a decanter, another similar item would do, such as a jug of some kind. It may not look as good but the wine will certainly taste better for going in there first!

Can you let it sit in the glass for a while?

Yes you can, and this might be the best option if you don’t have a decanter. Swirl it around in the glass and then let it sit for a few minutes before tasting it. The only downside of this method is that once it is in the glass it can be difficult to resist drinking it straightaway. Nevertheless if you want to know ‘how much time does it take for a wine to breathe’ and you want something fast and easy, this could suffice.

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Surely there must be a better option?

Glad you asked – because there is. The best bet is to get a wine aerator. This is a piece of equipment that has been specially designed to fully aerate your wine. Basically it permits as much wine as possible to come into contact with as much air as possible – and all within the shortest amount of time possible.

This is the perfect combination and it can be seen in action with such delightful aerators as the Wine Weaver. This enables you to pour the wine straight from the bottle, through the aerator and into the glass. Try a taste test by pouring two glasses – one through the Wine Weaver and the other straight into the glass. You will notice the difference, and it will be more pronounced than you think.

As you can see there is no easy answer to the question ‘how much time does it take for a wine to breathe?’ But the best answer is revealed last in the selection of situations given above.

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