How To Fix Your Scratched Bumper

Having a scratch or scuff on your bumper isn’t something that has to be fixed right away, but it can take away from the appearance of your vehicle. Luckily, it is easy to fix a scratch and make your bumper look as good as new.

Mask Off the Area

Before you begin removing the scratch or scuffed area of the bumper, you need to mask it off. This protects the rest of the bumper as you start sanding and painting the area. Start adding the masking tape around the scratched area several inches around the damage. You do need these extra inches to work on the scratch. Now use newspaper and tape it to the rest of the bumper to cover it completely. The only part of the bumper now showing should be the damaged portion.

Sand the Bumper

Once you have masked off the area that needs to be repaired, you can start sanding it. You should use a fine grit sandpaper in order to smooth the area that is scratched or scuffed. Start where the scratch is deepest, which is usually near the center of it. As you sand the area, gradually work toward the outer edges of the scratch, also sanding the area of the bumper that doesn’t have a scratch. You can also use a finer grit sandpaper for the scratch itself if your original one is not working. Take your time when you sand the masked area of the bumper as the smoothness is very important when it comes to painting over the scratches.

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When you believe you are done sanding the area, run your finger across the area of the bumper you are working on. Does it feel completely smooth? If so, it is ready to be painted. If you can still feel a texture that is slightly different where the scratch is, it needs a little sanding.

Paint the Bumper

Once the sanding is completely smooth, the only thing left to do is paint it. You can add primer first to create a better surface for the paint, but this is optional. If the rest of your bumper is fairly new and in good condition, you can just spray paint the area currently masked. However, if your entire bumper is a little faded, the colors won’t match. In this case, remove the tape and newspaper and spray paint the entire bumper at one time. Be sure to mask the tail end of your car so you don’t get paint on it.

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