No Pretty Face but Empty Headed Content for Us !!!

In the midst of a very busy week I’ve been doing some evaluating. Best Blogging Business has been on line for a while and I thought it was time to stand back and see where we’ve been and where we’re going.

I love sparkle and glitz. Colors have always fascinated me. Razzmatazz (noisy and exciting activity meant to attract attention) is my middle name. But when the rubber meets the road – it is all about content !!!!! And I’m talking to myself here too, girlfriend. So today we are looking back on what really keeps people coming back to your blog – Content !!

When we made our blog pretty, we looked over the options, researched themes, loaded pretty buttons, and made a fancy header. Our side bar is rich with widgets that give information on past posts, and category tags. We pondered the varies HTLM colors and tweaked them until our site shines. To add to that we used a killer background !!! We might even have installed a flashy slide for pictures. Whoot Whoot !!! I’ll have to say that our web page is looking BEAU-TI-FUL !!!!

But……….just like a bouffant haired silver blond with a slinky dress and to die for heels who has trouble linking sentences together and holding eye contact, our blog has to have something more than a pretty face to keep people coming back. A visitor may admire our fabulous decor but won’t stay long if the content is weak, disorganized and rambling. So here are some points to help you go from empty headed gorgeous blond to an engaging, up to date, compelling, riveting, and much read gorgeous blond !!!!!!

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1.) Know your “niche” audience. I’ll tell you that I’ve been working on this through this week too. Do you know who you are talking to? If you could picture your audience sitting right in front of you, what would they look like? Write down all the attributes of your perceived audience – age, gender, economic level, education levels, social standing, interest, hobbies, places they might visit, even family size.

Now don’t get scared of this step – usually your audience is a lot like YOU !!!! What interests you? Where do you hang out? What things would you like to read about?

I’m even going as far as cutting out a picture, from a magazine, of my “niche” audience and posting it right in front of my computer so I can “talk” to them as I write !!!!

Your choice of articles to post will depend on your audience. If your blog is focused on young married couples with a young family, writing on choosing a retirement center to relocate to might not go over so well.

2.) Write a killer blog title. The title of your post is one of the most important aspect of your article. It’s what gets people’s attention and entices them to click. In this busy, busy world people have become “skimmers.” You got me – I know I’ve been guilty !!! I often just skim blog titles to see what jumps out. So make your blog title one that jumps out to the reader !! And be short but specific. The title “Fall Season” is a snooze and one that I would rush right past. But now the title “5 Must Have New Fall Apple Recipes” would make me pause and take a look. “Best Places on Earth for Gorgeous Fall Color” is another one that would put my brakes on.

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3.) Break up your post with line breaks and sub titles. Come on – show a little white space, girls. The human eye is a funny thing, to say nothing of the human brain. I have to say, that I’ve clicked on some posts because the title caught my eye and then clicked right off because all I saw was a BIG sea of words.

I can see you nod your heads – you’ve been there too !! No line breaks to give my eyes a rest. No sub titles to direct the topic. The topic might have been stellar but it made me tired before I even started to read !!!

Use fabulous, on target pictures to hold their interest and break up your post !!! Make sure your featured image will grab attention.

And before we leave this point, I want to mention blog post length. Remember those busy readers??? They can only go about 700 to 900 word before yawning. So keep those post short and sweet. Better to have them wanting to come back for more than be bored.

I’m at 660 words here so I’d better get moving – I caught your yawn !!!!!!!!!!!

4.) Make your posts memorable. Answer a question your readers might ask. Offer a solution for a problem. Write about a timely event. Tell a riveting story. Step into your audience’s day and touch them with warm, compelling content. Write as an expect on something of interest to your readers. Share from your life experiences.

Keep your content punchy and moving along. Dull is death to your post !!!! One of the best writing lessons I’ve learned is to eliminate fluff. It’s challenging and takes work, but it makes for a significantly better composition.

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Make sure you use your voice. If you’re wonky, be wonky; if you’re shooting from the hip, then develop a voice that is consistent and forthright. You are an expert, or at least some kind of expert, or at the very least someone with something to say worth listening to !!!!

828 words – time to wrap things up, girlfriend !!!!

5.) Edit and proofread. I usually let my posts “simmer” for a day or so and then revisit them. Make sure your share buttons are visible because, baby, we are going viral !! Leave readers with a question – called a “hook” in blogging terms. A means of asking your readers for their input.

6.) Finally and most important —— Have Fun !!!!

(See, here’s my “hook!!!”) What ideas can you share for writing stellar posts?

Whew girly, I almost made it – 928 words !!!!!

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