Not being picky enough

That is the last time I hook up with a girl in sales. I dunno what is wrong with these women but I guess being in sales for so long makes them really jaded and masculine. They are cool to hang out with as a friend but they do not make very good lovers. She would just say random things that were gross or act like a guy in too many ways. Also I hate listening to people talk who talk too much or repeat themselves. I guess the thing is that she is a bit obnoxious and that is not the kind of girl I am looking for. I should have taken that into consideration when I first met her but I have never dated a girl in sales before so I thought it would at least be an educational experience for me and I was right. I sent her an email last night explaining that I am looking for something long term right now and I just didn’t see it working out that way. I have not got a reply yet and I may never get one. Part of me hopes I don’t hear back from her because that would be so much easier lol. Work has been pretty busy lately which is a good thing since I am a workaholic lol.

I went through all the girls I was talking to actively and asked myself if I could see myself with them long term. In almost every case the answer was no so I just deleted them or sent them a message telling them that was the case. I am now down to two girls that are potential candidates but I have never met either of them. I have only been chatting with them. I realized that I do have very high expectations when it comes to the physical appearance of my potential long term mate and I am kidding myself to be talking to and dating girls that are not up to par with what I want so I am going to be far more picky from now on and if it means going on less dates and being lonely until I meet girls that fit this criteria so be it. One girl her name is Holly and she runs a spa. She is not quite as thin as I normally would like but her face is very very attractive and for me, the face is the most important thing. I am obsessed with gorgeous women. I would take a good looking woman that is slightly overweight vs a thin ugly girl. I really like her personality so far and I am anxious to meet her but she is not on MSN much.

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The other one is this girl who is half Jamaican and half white. She is tall and good looking and she says she goes to the gym 5 days a week so she must have a nice body. I can kind of tell how hot she is from her pics but not totally. I will have to meet her in person to see if I am really attracted to her or not. Holly on the other hand has very very clear pictures of herself with no makeup and she looks damn good so I know I will like her, I just hope I can tolerate her body lol. She is tall also, I dunno what it is, but my whole life I have been with petite women and now all the women I am meeting are tall. I also fancied tall women, I mean my ideal girl is a model who does yoga basically lol. I have message both of them today telling them that it has been great chatting with them but I really want to meet them so when can we get together for coffee. Hopefully I will hear back from both of them very soon and get to go out on a couple of dates so I have something more interesting to post here on my blog for my next entry. Talk to y’all soon!

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