These Guys Know Making Money Online

First of all, I don’t mean you !! What I meant was blogging is so easy to learn even for anyone ! So then, what is

How often you hear the answers like below:

* “What? Make money from Blog? I thought it is a forum for gossiping ?”
* “I don’t know how to blog”?
* “What is Blog?”
* “I got now time to blog !” blurr….blurr…

when I first heard about blogging, I had the same impression similar to the about remarks until I attended a free talk on Blogging for Money Online ! by a local “netpreneur”. I am not making it up when I mentioned “Blogging for Even Dummies !” because I felt blogging is so easy to learn and start. To start blogging, you try understand the following questions:-

1) Do you have the Desire to Share Information?
If the answer is yes, then the opprotunity is wide open for you to do so. How, you may ask!

2) How to share Information to the Internet world?
There are several ways. You can do it through email: give your comment in forum or even someone’s blog: Write a webpage yurself or get someone to do it for you OR start a BLOG of your own.

3) What is a blog?
Is a web log where people writes short posts or messages and publish it to the internet. It can set to only allowed registered visitors to view your post or messages or open it to the public. A web log in short known as weblog but it is now commonly called a blog.

4) Where to get a Blog?
It is easy! You can register a blog for free with blog hosting company such as or To do that, what you need is to go to either one one of the website and sign up or register for a new account.

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5) How to start a blog?
Once you open up an account with a blog hosting company, there is instruction or even tutorial to start your first blog post. What you need is to try it out and learn from there. Once you are done with it, you need to click on a “publish” button to publish it to the internet.

6) What else I need to do?
If you are thinking to use a blog to merely share information with your friends, then you do not need to any further action except that you logon to your blog whenever you have some other information to share. However, if you want to explore blogging as a mean to make money online, then you need to learn more about Blogging for Money Online. There are many information about Blogging for Money kind of articles or blogs. Be wise to pick the right one for you.

Now you already have started a basis blogging. While you can maintain blogging as fun or a way to communicate with your friends, you can at anytime explore further. There is no hurry as you can start to experience the wonders of blogging in the near future.

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