Top 8 Simple and Effective Tips to Write Viral Blog Posts

One of the biggest challenges you can take on as a blogger is to write viral blog posts. We have all heard of a content that goes viral online. So what’s a viral blog post and how do you write one?
A viral blog post is a blog post that gets shared by tens of thousands of people around the world on the social media. The thing that goes viral could be a photo or a video that is included with the blog post.
Suddenly, when a blog post goes viral, you will find your blog getting hundreds of thousands of hits. While the attention may be short lived, a lot of readers you gain this way go on to become regular visitors. The exposure that a viral content gets your blog is worth its weight in gold.
So what are the tips to write viral blog posts? A viral blog post will have one or two of the following essential elements…
 It is Funny
 It is Original and something special
 It is based on a Controversial Topic
 It is based on a Popular Trend
An example of a viral blog post is blogging about a political revolution just when it’s happening around you, or live blogging a major incident such as a terrorist attack. Or, it could be something cute and funny, such as a video of a child playing in the rain. Controversial blog posts such as breaking the news of a major celebrity or politician’s death will get you a lot of attention as well – but this can turn against you if your information is wrong.
Keeping this in mind, let’s look at the top 8 simple and effective strategies to write viral blog posts.


Keyword search is the most important part of writing viral blog posts, or for that matter any blog post. Every blogger has to identify keywords that can get him maximum traffic with the least competition. It is certainly not easy to identify such keywords. Keyword search is done using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, WordTracker, etc. The goal of any keyword search is to find keywords that drive a highly targeted traffic, get you the revenue you seek and make your blog post go viral. To put it simply, using the right keywords ensures that you blog post gets read by more people – which is how it can go viral.

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As a blogger, you’re only as good as the content you generate. There is no way to make a blog post that is full of grammatical mistakes or long, winding sentences to go viral. A viral blog post has crisply written content that is easy to scan and fun to read. Your content should have a unique angle on something, as well as an intangible personal touch that makes an impression on your readers. It should move your audience, motivate them into action, and should be authentic and genuine, in order to go viral.


The title of your blog post makes all the difference to whether people read it or not. An attractive title captivates the audience and compels them not just to read the blog post, but to share it with their friends. Make the title catchy and keyword rich.


The most successful viral blog posts have a unique blend of originality and relevance. They are based on a current, “hot” trending topic that is very popular at that time. To find out what are the most trending topics, visit sites such as Reddit or Digg, or check out the latest trends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This should give you a good idea of what’s in fashion right now and what people are currently reading or discussing. However, it is not enough to blog about a popular topic – you need to present your unique and original take on it as well – only then will your blog post go viral.

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As a blogger, you should know that majority of your audience will read your blog posts on their smartphones. The smartphone penetration is more than 80% in a lot of countries around the world. You will find people looking at their mobile all the time – on the bus, in a waiting room, at work or at lunch, people are always on their mobile. So for your blog post to go viral, you have to make it perfectly readable on mobile phones. How mobile friendly is your blog? Is it compatible with all mobile platforms? This is something you’ll have to work on.


Attractive images and videos make all the difference to a blog post. They decide if the blog post goes viral or remains ignored. You should make a short video on a topic that interests you and embed it into a blog post. It’s the same with photos. Videos and photos help you get a lot of attention in very little time.


The social media has a lot of power. The question is can you leverage the power of the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest – to make your blog post go viral? This will require you to spend a lot of time on social media sites and build a base of followers and fans to bank upon. When you write a really effective blog post, it doesn’t take long for it to go viral on the social media – but only as long as you already have some sort of a presence on it.

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Never take shortcuts or mislead people to make a blog post go viral. It is very easy to write a viral blog post by deliberately misleading people about an event, such as reporting the death of a major celebrity when he or she is very much around. Please don’t do this – this won’t make you famous, but it will make you notorious and possibly land up in a lot of legal trouble. No matter what you do, check the veracity of your content – fact checking is absolutely important.

Hope you found the 8 simple and effective strategies to write viral blog posts interesting and informative. Now, every blogger wants to write viral blog posts, but it is something that happens very rarely. There is no way to predict which blog post will go viral and get you the attention that you’ve always wanted. All I can tell you is to keep trying, and stick to the advice given here. If you have any questions for me, please write them in the comments below, I will be sure to get back to you real fast.

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