What Will The National Inquiry

The ‘National Inquiry into Self-harm among Young People’ is conducting a thorough, and much needed, investigation into self-harming behaviour and the resources / information that are currently available, it’s prevalence, its causes, etc. during the next 18-months.

What Will This Involve?

  • The Inquiry will be drawing together a panel of ‘experts’. This panel will involve young people and parents/carers with experience of self-harm, as well as individuals who work across a range of roles such as academics, researchers, policymakers, front-line workers, commissioners of mental health services, etc.
  • The Inquiry will be ‘calling for evidence’ from those who have personal experience of self-harm, and those in health, education, social care, research and voluntary sector organisations with experience in this area.
  • Five sites around the UK will be engaged so that a consultation process with young self-harmers runs in parallel with the Inquiry, and feeds directly into the panel meetings and final recommendations.
  • A review of literature and practice pertaining to self-harm among young people aged 11-25 will be commissioned. These reviews will identify and report of practice and policy areas of consensus, non-consensus and current gaps. These reviews will feed into and help structure the content and discussion for the Inquiry panel meetings.

The Inquiry aims to make recommendations for changes in policy and delivery of services that are well-grounded in research and in the express views of young self harmers that will make an impact both locally and nationally in the UK.