Wonderla Hyderabad – A Place to Visit Again !!!

Review of Wonderla Amusement and Waterpark is undoubtedly a place of unlimited fun and boundless entertainment. EMTL (electromagnetic theory and transmission lines), I can see your expression, YEAH there is no sync. Surprisingly I started with engineering 2-2 subject which has nothing to do with my title!!! But the title has lot effect on my EMTL ExAm!! How??? Wait a minute, before telling how badly it affected my exam, I would love to tell my super excitement towards thrill.

“I was on top floor of a building, may be a 50-floor building. It was 2:00 am. It seemed like a no moon day, extreme dark. No one around. I was set off in trepidation. In the verge of death. All of the sudden, it pulled me inverted. Even my own scream wasn’t audible to me. No saviour. I was experiencing newton’s apple theory. I could see nothing but just my death destination.”

And then I was down my bed waking up just then!!! “Shit it was a dream” -was so thrilled that all my veins are circulating terror instead of blood and my bloody legs were feeling the gravitational force. FEEL GOOD FACTOR I say. I guess u got my point!


Yoo… Am talking about my exams. To process the termination I was left with one hurdle and that’s EMTL. “But as usual except for exams, everything in life is so perfectly planned for an engineering student!!”- So, to prove the statement my friends planned to the new visitor of Hyderabad “WONDER LA” –The Amusement Park, for the exam hangover. How could I even take a nap dude, sleeping is a way too far matter? Thousands of questions which were wiping out hundreds of answers. The time has arrived to put my wiped out answers on paper but I lost them, what was email??Only god could answer that—“for me, email was wonder la!!!!” 3hrs were like 3 years of unsuccessful war. That evening –dreaming has no boundaries, thousands turned lakhs.

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Day to put an end to my dreams, imaginations and experience the thrill.

Woke up at 5:00 am, never in my life before. Dressed up. Waiting for the call to arrive, knock for 10 of us to start. We went in a Scorpio, royal I say. Started at 8:30, travelling with friends will always give us tremendous fun. P V Narasimha Rao express flyover led us to drove 120 speed! After two hours of travel, finally, my wait is over, an answer to my bad emtl exam, real time –yay!! we reached!!!

We were very quick in taking tickets which took away 790 each (perks of being a student) and changing our beautifully dressed attire to hwat nylon swimsuits though we managed to take some pictures. Without taking a second more we drenched in cold water pool which gave goosebumps after coming out. Pool touched us with beach waves!! We are done with all the wet rides which find in jal vihar Hyderabad but with more of bigger size. Best of wet rides was WATER SPLASH. Such a great view it was-MIND BLOWING!! Underwater pictures would make u look crazy but sadly they cost you 200 each!

Now comes the rival for wet, strong enough to win it!! The first dry ride was RECOIL, definitely, it was successful recoiling our minds, sitting at the either of the ends will give us the real thrill. SPACE JAM, seems simple- “don’t underestimate the power of common man” suits well. EQUINOX- “The King Of Rides” I had a rebirth, worth 800, leaves us with thrill definition. MAVERICK did a marvelous job-tilted head for few seconds will take away life in ns! The major life thrilling ride was under construction—SKY WHEEL-you seem more like a death wheel. Rest all of the rides were as similar to as you find in mount opera and Ocean Park. DASHING CARS were like –“take a rest dude, mind to go dry”

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Come on how can I forget best ever RAIN DISCO which left us with lots of energy. THE BEST !!

FINALLY, our tummy’s were feeling bad now—HUNGER PANTS!! Redressed, took pictures and drained body was in a restaurant now! Happy biryani!!! 9:30pm—HOME SWEET HOME!!

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